Riviera - Ursa Major

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Our Description:
The Riviera Minor is a very interested skateboard indeed. It has features of double kick, as well as features of a true DH and freeride board. A small nose and tail offer the ability for light freestyle or tricks, and the rocker / deep concave will hold you in for DH or freeride. Potent all around ability. As the name suggests (Major) this is the larger of the Ursas.



Riviera Ursa Major - Deck Only

The HipBone mold is a symmetrical design with conjoining features to construct a performance based platform with  deep-pocketed sweet spots, a gradual rocker flowing into a micro-drop and a kick nose and tail. This mold will keep your feet locked in position throughout your ride without compromising the comfort or confidence needed at high speeds. The double kicks offer a variety of benefits for your freeriding and sliding endeavors.
Length: 97.6 cm/38.44" 
Width: 24.8 cm/9.75" 
?Wheelbase: 66 cm/26" 
Construction: 8-ply Canadian maple