Omen - Sugar Purple

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Our Description:
The Omen Sugar is an all around DH killer with a desirable single tail and pointed nose that has become the standard for up and coming DH / Freeride riders. This deck can ollie around at the top of the hill, bust some tail oriented freestyle tricks, or be your DH racing queen. It's comfortable, lightly dropped, rounded concave build is comfortable for all and ready to manage all you can throw at it.


Omen Sugar - Deck Only

The Omen Sugar. Sweet as can be, this 96.5cm-long kick-tailed freeride masterpiece is like nothing you've ever shredded. It is 24cm wide, has 1.6cm radial concave, and adjustable wheelbase options from 59.5cm to 67.5cm.

Our candy-coated dream deck is offered in four flavors: apple green, grape purple, cherry red, and orange... well, orange. The Sugar is packed with features: accelerated rocker, a subtle drop, flush truck mounting, adjustable wheelbase options, flared and routed wheel wells, painted sidewalls, and a big ol' kick-tail.

The Sugar was developed with freeriding in mind, and there is no board like the Sugar for ripping around the city. Need to bust out a quick slide to shave speed? The flared wheel wells, comfy concave, subtle drop, accelerated rocker, and flush truck mounts will make cranking standies a breeze. Need to avoid obstacles? That short wheelbase option makes the Sugar super agile, and don't be afraid to utilize that kicktail homie!

Don't like skating in the city? Live in the boonies? Mount those trucks on a longer wheelbase option and you've got yourself a super responsive downhill deck. The flared wheel wells and subtle drop make for great location features while tucking.

Length: 96.5 cm
Width: 24 cm
Wheelbase: 59.5 cm - 67.5 cm