Omen - Phoenix

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Our Description:
The Omen Phoenix has one of the most interesting concaves ever designed. With a major drop dead centre of the board, and serious concave elsewhere it is built to be more ergonomic for tucking and drifting. This interesting deck may be the perfect fit for you while bombing hills, freeriding, or cruising. If you push mongo, your rear foot will be lower on this deck making it easier to push. Truly one of the most curious designs in the game - Give it a try!


Omen Phoenix - Deck Only

The Phoenix is the most innovative board for Omen's 2015 offering. Designed by Dan Kasmar, and featuring a directional center drop, this board changes the way the human body integrates with the skateboard. This board is difficult to explain, but ergonomic to ride, with a truly "function over form" design plan. This is a team driven board that has been heavily demanded by our team of World Class Skaters.


Length: 91.4 cm / 36”
Width: 24.8 cm / 9.75”
Construction: 9-ply Maple.
Griptape Included: No.