Pantheon - Embryo V2

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Pantheon's Embryo longboard skateboard is a classic top mount downhill-freeride board with modern features designed to meet the needs of today's most aggressive hill riders. The Embryo sports a comfortable pushing platform in the middle, bridging W-bubbles on either side that help you find your front and rear footing. On one end of the platform, the Embryo touts what we are calling a funnel concave, growing gradually tighter as the rail tapers toward the tip of the deck. On the other side is a gentle 3D concave. The deck is asymmetrical but is designed to be ridden either direction depending on your riding style.

We have two models of the Pantheon Embryo with a different wheelbase

Model 1 Wheelbase: 64.8 cm - 74.9 cm / 26.5” - 29”

(Shorter wheel wells on both front and back)

Model 2 Wheelbase: 64.8 cm - 74.9 cm / 25.5” - 29”


Length: 94.6 cm / 37.25”
Width: 25 cm / 9.75”
Construction: Maple.
Gripped: No.