Arbor - Fish Bamboo 2016 Ex Display

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Ex-Display board with cosmetic marks 


Directional Pintail


6 Maple Plies with a Bamboo Deck Ply  Both maple and bamboo come from sustainable sources and are produced using eco-friendly water-based sanding sealers. All by-product is reclaimed for use in other products.


Caliber Fifty 9.0" Trucks  The Caliber Fifty trucks are stable at high speeds while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The hanger is not only reversible, but when flipped there is no rake to throw off the ride. The pivot of the baseplate is self-contained to add durability to your setup.

Width  161mm

Baseplate  The baseplate is angled at 50˚ for crazy-good turning.

Bushing  Ultra-high rebound 89a, blood orange barrel and cone combo.

Reverse Kingpin


The Mosh Wheel  Arbor's centerset cruiser wheel for skating it all; the Mosh is the perfect mix between quick acceleration and roll speed. This wheel is great for commuting and a good option for freeriding on all size boards.

Arbor Sucrose Initiative  Arbor’s Sugar Formula significantly improves performance and creates and extremely long-lasting wheel. The natural construction aims to reduce Arbor's petroleum footprint because a little goes a long way over time. In addition, the wheels lessen the environmental impact of urethane left on the roads when skating, especially during slides.

Wheel Core  Groovetube wheel core aims to reduce distortion for improved contact.

Size  65mm

Durometer  82a

Contact Patch  36mm

Offset  0mm




Lucid Grip  Lucid grip is made of long-lasting crushed recycled glass. This ultra clear re-grip surface allows the deck's natural grain and color to remain highly visible while providing better performance than silica bead alternative.