AOB Fussion Naked Longboard

AOB Fussion Naked Longboard

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The AOB Fussion is the future of downhill skateboarding

The AOB Fussion is the future of downhill skateboarding. Its light construction combined with the ergonomic design will smoothly carry you down any mountain. The Fussion was constructed and tested with European top downhill skaters and therefore offers everything a modern downhill deck needs to have: Wheel-flares, a micro-drop and a unique w-concave. Due to its shape, the Fussion will help you find the exact right stance at the exact right time. It is taking the UK by storm and the rest of Europe will be onto it very soon! 


  • deck length: 88cm / 34,6 inch
  • width: 24,5cm / 9,6 inch
  • truckbase: 65cm / 25,6 inch,
  • 67,5cm / 26,6 inch,
  • 70cm / 27,6 inch
  • specials: double flairs, micro drop,
  • ash canadian maple mix with glass / carbon fiber mix,
  • sandwich woodcoore, w-concave

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